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Galicia 16x10 cm Hand Flag

Price: 0,65 €

Galician hand flag, the ideal flag to have for any type of Galician event. It is 16x10cm (6.3'' x 3.9'') and has a plastic pole to allow enthusiastic waving.

Historical Flags of Galicia Bunting

Price: 1,53 €

Flag Bunting featuring the national flag of Galicia, the flag of the Kingdom of Galicia, and the Swabian Royal Standard of Gallaecia (Sold by the metre).

Historical Provinces of Galicia Flag Bunting

Price: 1,53 €

Flag Bunting featuring the arms of the seven historical provinces of the Kingdom of Galicia. Ideal for decoration in pubs, music festivals, etc. (Sold by the metre).

St James' Cross Lapel Pin

Price: 3,20 €

Red Cross of St James, lapel pin, size 15x23mm (0.6' x 0.9').

Cross of Santiago, Blue Lapel Pin

Price: 3,20 €

Blue Cross of Santiago de Compostela, lapel pin, size 15x23mm (0.6' x 0.9').

Galician Flag Lapel Pin

Price: 3,47 €

Galician national flag lapel pin, 20x13mm (0.78' x 0.5').

Galician Bagpiper Party Hat

Price: 6,60 €

Perfect for football matches or any Galician-themed parties.

Galician Bagpiper Party Hat in Gallaecia Tartan

Price: 8,60 €

Perfect for Galician-themed parties and also for matching with the Galician Kilt.

Gallaecia tartan bonnet

Price: 9,80 €

Gallaecia tammy hat, Tam o' shanter style bonnet. Perfect for Galician-themed parties and also for matching with the Galician Kilt.

Basic Set 4 Wooden Plates

Price: 10,13 €

Typical wooden plates used in traditional taverns and country fairs. This basic set for two people includes 2xSmall and 2xMedium wooden plates.

Carballiño Octopus

Price: 14,29 €

Octopus is one of the most famous dishes in Galician cuisine. Every typical county fair in Galicia always has a booth for Octopus. Soft toy, measures approx. 11.8''x11.8'' (30x30cm)

Corcubion Lobster

Price: 17,89 €

The delicious lobster, king of the Galician shellfish. Soft toy, measures approx. 15.7'' (40cm)

Green Kilt Towel

Price: 14,83 €

Green kilt towel; perfect for the beach, the bath...

Ladies' Kilt Towel

Price: 14,83 €

Pink kilt towel for women; perfect for the beach, the bath...

Galician Blue Kilt Towel

Price: 14,83 €

Impress your friends with the fun Kilt Towel! Just put the towel around your waist and you'll have a kilt on the beach!

Red Kilt Towel

Price: 14,83 €

Red kilt towel; perfect for the beach, the bath...

Celtic Pig

Price: 23,99 €

The Celtic Pig is Galicia's own indigenous breed of domestic pig. Soft toy, measures approx. 12.99'' (33cm)

Mini-Kilt Gallaecia

Price: 24,79 €

Ladies' Gallaecia Tartan Mini-Kilt. You are guaranteed to turn heads and steal hearts!

Historical Flags of Galicia - 3 Flag Set (Promotion!)

Price: 24,79 €

Buy the 3 historical flags of Galicia for only €25.99. All sizes 150x90cm (5' x 3').

'Team Galicia' football shirt

Price: 24,99 €

Replica football shirt with the colours of the Galician national team.

Galicia Rugby Shirt

Price: 27,65 €

Classic rugby shirt for Galician rugby fans. Features a gorse flower and the word 'Galicia' embroidered on the chest.

Kilt Gallaecia

Price: 36,36 €

Casual kilt made in the blue-and-white Gallaecia Tartan, Galicia's national tartan.

Galicia Official Football Shirt 2005-2015

Price: 47,93 €

The Official Home Shirt of the Galician national team, with the embroidered, licensed logos of the Galician Football Federation and the sponsor CaixaNova bank.

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