Mini-Kilt Gallaecia

Mini-Kilt Gallaecia

Price: 24,79 €

Product details:
» Ladies' Mini-Kilt in Galicia's National Tartan: Tartan Gallaecia.
» The Mini-Kilt is pleated around and provides a sexy, flirty look.
» It is 15.4" (39cm) long, and is guaranteed to turn heads and steal hearts!
» Two straps to fasten Kilt - straps allow Mini-Kilt to give or take roughly 2" / 5cm either way on the stated size.
» Made of acrylic fabric.

For more information about Galicia's National Tartan please visit:

What's your Kilt size?
Please measure your waist at the height of the belly button and chose your size in inches according to the following size chart:

Waist size (inches/cms) Kilt Size
Less than 26'' (66 cm) Made to measure (Please contact us)
Between 26''-28'' (66-71 cm) Choose a size 26''
Between 28''-30'' (72-76 cm) Choose a size 28''
Between 30''-32'' (77-81 cm) Choose a size 30''
Between 32''-34'' (82-86 cm) Choose a size 32''
Between 34''-36'' (87-91 cm) Choose a size 34''
Between 36''-38'' (92-96 cm) Choose a size 36''
Between 38''-40'' (97-101 cm) Choose a size 38''
Between 40''-42'' (102-106 cm) Choose a size 40''
Between 42''-44'' (107-111 cm) Choose a size 42''
Between 44''-46'' (112-116 cm) Choose a size 44''
Over 46'' (116 cm)  Made to measure (Please contact us)

After your purchase is complete, please email us your exact waist measure to we can ensure that you receive the correct kilt size.

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