Tower of Brigantia (Hercules) Poster Print

Tower of Brigantia (Hercules) Poster Print

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Product details:
» High quality reproduction of a 1883 photo of Corunna lighthouse. Known today as 'Tower of Hercules', the lighthouse was historically known as 'Farum Brigantium' or 'Tower of Brigantia'. Brigantia was the name of an ancient Celtic kingdom on the northwest of Galicia, as well as on the south of Ireland, both facing the Atlantic. Galician and Irish mythology tell the Gaelic settlers of Ireland came originally from the kingdom of Brigantia. Since 2009 the lighthouse has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This poster is available in three sizes:
» 59 x 42 cm (A2) (23.2'' x 16.5'')
» 70 x 50 cm (B2) 
(27.5'' x 19.6'')
» 84 x 59 cm (A1) (33.4'' x 23.6'')

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