Mini-Kilt Gallaecia

Mini-Kilt Gallaecia

Price: 24,79 €

Product details:
» Ladies' Mini-Kilt in Galicia's National Tartan: Tartan Gallaecia.
» The Mini-Kilt is pleated around and provides a sexy, flirty look.
» It is 15.4" (39cm) long, and is guaranteed to turn heads and steal hearts!
» Two straps to fasten Kilt - straps allow Mini-Kilt to give or take roughly 2" / 5cm either way on the stated size.
» Made of acrylic fabric.

For more information about Galicia's National Tartan please visit:

What's your Kilt size?
To know what your Mini-Kilt size is, you will have to measure your waist. For more information, you may read:

After your purchase is complete, please email us your exact waist measure to we can ensure that you receive the correct kilt size.

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