Galician Countryhouse Cat

Galician Countryhouse Cat

Price: 18,36 €

Cat soft toy, measures approx. 7.9'' (20cm)

The cat grooms himself
after having eaten well.
(Galician folk saying)

Known in Galicia as Gato or Mico, the cat is a typical pet in the Galician country home. It is a well appreciated animal as it keeps the house and barns free of mice.

Like most European Cats, Galician country cats come in a wide variety of fur colours and they can be white-and-black, black only, grey with tiger stripes, or ginger with stripes like this Galician country house cat.

In the Galician folklore, the cat was traditionally considered as a weather forecasting animal and it was believed that its behaviour was a sign of the type of weather that was coming. Therefore, when the cat was unsettled and rushed in the house it was thought that windy weather was on the way, and when the cat was grooming itself continuosly it was a sign of wet weather.

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