Promotion: Kilt Gallaecia - Full Regalia

Promotion: Kilt Gallaecia - Full Regalia

Price: 155,36 €

Product details:
» Buy the ten together and save money!
» Ideal for wearing in festivals, sport events, Galician-themed parties, re-enactment...
Promotion includes:
1) 5 yard kilt made in the Gallaecia Tartan, Galicia's national tartan.
2) Highland shirt, white-cream colour.
3) Plain, elegant, black leather sporran (Further choice of sporrans available for extra price).
4) Fly Plaid in Gallaecia Tartan.
5) Leather belt.
6) Belt buckle of your choice.
7) White or black kilt hose.
8) Kilt flashes.
9) Kilt pin.
10) Curtis Celtic Knotwork Brooch.

For more information about Kilt Gallaecia and Galicia's National Tartan please visit:

Kilt sizes
If you do not know what your kilt size is, you will have to measure your waist. For more information, you may read:

Kilt Sizes
Your waist size (inches/centimetres)
Boy 26'' (66 cm)
Adult - Small 32'' (81 cm)
Adult - Medium 34'' (86 cm)
Adult - Medium-Large 38'' (96.5 cm)
Adult - Large 42'' (106.7 cm)
Adult - Extra Large 46'' (116.8 cm)

Shirt sizes
Please measure your chest to know your shirt size.

Sizes Your chest size (inches/centimetres)
S - (Small) 38''-40'' (97-102 cm)
M - (Medium) 40''-42'' (102-107 cm)
L - (Large) 42''-44'' (107-112 cm)
XL - (Extra-Large) 44''-46'' (112-117 cm)

Size Chart

After your purchase is complete, please let us know us by email your exact waist measure to ensure that you receive the correct kilt size.

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