Belt & Buckle for Kilt

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Product details:
» Leather belt and buckle to wear with Kilt.
» Click on the image above to enlarge the picture and see the leather belt and buckles available.

1) Choose your Leather Belt
Measure your waist and choose your belt size in the drop-down menu above.

Waist size at the height of the navel (inches/cms) Kilt Size
Less than 26'' (66 cm) Made to measure (Please contact us)
Between 26''-28'' (66-71 cm) Choose a size 26''
Between 28''-30'' (72-76 cm) Choose a size 28''
Between 30''-32'' (77-81 cm) Choose a size 30''
Between 32''-34'' (82-86 cm) Choose a size 32''
Between 34''-36'' (87-91 cm) Choose a size 34''
Between 36''-38'' (92-96 cm) Choose a size 36''
Between 38''-40'' (97-101 cm) Choose a size 38''
Between 40''-42'' (102-106 cm) Choose a size 40''
Between 42''-44'' (107-111 cm) Choose a size 42''
Between 44''-46'' (112-116 cm) Choose a size 44''
Over 46'' (116 cm)  Made to measure (Please contact us)

2) Choose your Belt Buckle
Choose your belt buckle in the drop-down menu above:
1. Knotworks
2. Celtic Dragons
3. Celtic Cross
4. Doiras Stag
5. Celtic Harp of Amergin the Brigantian Druid
6. Swabian Dragon of Gallaecia
7. Celtic Knotwork
8. Compostella Celtic Knotwork
9. Celtic Cross of Saint Susana (Brass finish)
10. Celtic Cross of Saint Susana (Nickel finish)
11. Celtic Cross of Saint Lazaro (Nickel finish)
12. Celtic Cross of Saint Lazaro (Brass finish)
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