Historical Provinces of Galicia Flag Bunting

Price: 2,71 €

Flag Bunting inspired by the seven historical provinces of the Kingdom of Galicia. It contains the contemporary arms of the Galician cities of Santiago, Ourense, Corunna, Tui, Betanzos, Mondonnedo, Lugo, as well as the flag of the Kingdom of Galicia. (Bunting sold by the metre).

Ideal for personal collection, decoration in pubs, music festivals, cultural events, etc...

Flag Specifications:

» Lightweight polyester printed flags, secured to a sturdy white rope.
» Made in durable polyester, lasts longer than paper or plastic bunting, and can be re-used on multiple events.
» Bunting has 4 flags per metre in average. Each flag measures approximately 9 inches x 6 inches (22 cm x 15 cm)
» Sold by the metre (Multiple metres are supplied as a single length).
» Please specify in the quantity box below how many metres you wish to purchase.

Read about the history of the Galician flags at www.GalicianFlag.com

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