Roundhouse, Cebreiro, Galician Highlands, Poster Print

Roundhouse, Cebreiro, Galician Highlands, Poster Print

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» Thatched roundhouse in O Cebreiro, County Ancares, Galician Highlands. This part of Galicia is known for their traditional thatched roundhouses, which were once widespread also across the Celtic nations and parts of England.

» Cebreiro is one of the most important shrines in Galicia as well as in the whole Camiño de Santiago pilgrimage route. The region is also linked to the Arthurian quest for the Holy Grail, which features on Galicia's national coat of arms and historical flag.

» Quality print by Galician photographer Eduardo de Martís.

This map is available in three sizes:
» 70x50cm (27.5'' x 19.6'')
» 84 x 64 cm (33.0'' x 25.1'') 
» 120 x 92 cm (47.2'' x 36.2'')
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